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Lent is meant to be a time of repentance. A humble understanding of knowing that we are all born with the curse of sin and that repentance is required. The purpose of Lent is to fully recognize our brokenness as humans and the need for a Savior. The time period of Lent allows us to reflect and open our hearts to Jesus.


The main observation of Lent, fasting, is done to clear distractions and focus on Christ. Giving up something and replacing it with prayer and worship gives way to a deeper relationship with God.


"A more profound and closer communion with God is the reward of sacrifice and devotion. His love and one’s salvation are not reliant on denying oneself chocolate or beer, but idolatry stands in the way of worshiping the one true God. These 40 days are set aside to praise and worship the Lord; to read the Bible more, and to pray more often. Christians who observe Lent correctly anticipate deeper intimacy with the Lord, which is the blessing; they do not expect rewards such as more favorable answers to prayer or the resolution of health concerns

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